This class is recommended for clients who are new to the BUNGEE Workout. The BUNGEE instructor will provide a slow breakdown of skills in a smaller class size in order to build costumer’s knowledge of the bungee & confidence in the movement.

BUNGEE Workout
The signature class of BUNGEE workout brand with a focus on choreography and the experience of gracefully flying in the air with this core-focused, toning, full body workout that improves balance and stability.

With an athletic feel, this full body workout is core-focused, improves balance, stability, and tones every muscle in your body. BUNGEE Fit incorporates the skills from BUNGEE Intro & BUNGEE Workout, with a focus on repetition and continuous movement for a high cardio workout!

A modified version of the BUNGEE workout for out mature clientele or those beginning their fitness journey.

BUNGEE Workshop
A bungee session with a special theme for costumers. Enjoy the same workout benefits with a focus on entertainment or specific movement/dance style

CLOTHING RECOMMENDED: leggings/sweatpants, snug fitting shirts (must cover stomach), bare feet (no socks), no necklaces or bracelets


BUNGEE kids is a new and fun way to move designed for kids ages 5-teen. Kids will be taught different movements on the bungee and play fun and challenging games that will help develop body control and coordination.

Classes are grouped based on ages:
5-7 / 8-10 / Ages 11+ / BUNGEE Teen 13+

CLOTHING RECOMMENDED: leggings or sweatpants, snug fitting shirts (must cover stomach), bare feet (no socks), no necklaces or bracelets

BUNGEE Workout is exclusive to VIBEyxe Dance in Saskatoon!